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Heart's Song on Compassionate Boundaries

Looking back on the past month it seems that the Universe was asking me to take a close look at an aspect of my life that I try to evade, but is critically important for overall well being. Boundaries. Even in the practice of yoga where yogic philosophy preaches that we are all one, boundaries are essential for personal growth and to cultivate the compassion to be present. Let’s make one thing very clear, boundaries when created in a healthy way are not barriers to connection. Rather they are the conduits for healthy relationships.

If boundaries are needed to create healthy relationships why is it that we talk about them in hushed tones, or when they are mentioned in conversation we are quick to change the topic?

Let’s face it boundaries are scary, vulnerable, and require all parties to make a commitment to respond. Which are not always the condition in which they are received or presented. Sometimes even well presented and well intended boundaries create shifts in relationships or the recognition that something is no longer working, which is scary when we as humans want so deeply to belong and be accepted for who we are.

What I offer for your consideration is what if setting boundaries was a way of teaching someone how to love you? Of teaching you how to love yourself? With compassion, knowing that we all make mistakes. The clearer we are with our boundaries the easier it is for people to give us the love we need

to feel seen, heard, loved. And the easier it is for us to give that love back, because we know how to respect and honor the boundaries of others.

For the month of April, let’s dive deep into what it means to set compassionate boundaries. Boundaries with ourselves, in friendships, in our partnerships, and with work or the community at large. What if boundaries are compassion in action?

Love and Light,

Heart's Song

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