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Heart's Song on Renewal

In March we celebrate the Spring Equinox. A time when once again light is more prevalent than darkness. When gifts and beauty once sleeping begin to reawaken. I am not sure about you, but I feel this season in my bones. It is intuitive, beautiful, and bursting with life. I feel the color in my skin and fire in my soul begin to reawaken. I switch from wanting to be alone, to not getting enough of being around others. Listening to stories from the long darkness.

For some, the rituals of spring come in the forms of cleansing, cleaning, unpacking the baggage that has been stored in colder times. It is like our bodies crave the sense of needing to be lighter so new blooms can grow.

Are you holding on to something that is weighing down your blooms? What baggage can you unpack this spring so you can more fully awaken?

February into March is also the time when most people say "I am done" to their resolutions or goals for the New Year. It is said that only 8% of people achieve their New Year's goal. It's like the zest and zeal of starting a fresh year succumbs to the freezing cold and darkness of January and February.

With this in mind, this year I tried a new approach to my New Year's Goals. I starting thinking about them in November. That's right November. Then, like my social life I let them rest. I gave myself time for introspection. January, I gave myself the month of Grace. I practiced allowing myself feel all the feels and honoring where my mind, body, and spirit was in any given moment. Feburary, I started to re-evaluate my goals. Am I truly ready for them? What are my barriers? Are my goals in line with my core values? What am I missing and how am I using my time? I needed the practice of Grace when re-evaluating my goals. To allow myself to start where I am instead of where I "should be." To avoid taking on too many different goals at once. In Feburary I also practiced Love in all of it's forms. The practices of Grace and Love are powerful practices. Meaningful practices. You see in order to accomplish any goal, to overcome any obstacle you need both grace and love. Grace to let yourself try and fail and try again. To meet yourself where you are each day rather than where you were the day before. You need Love to honor your light and beauty, as well as the light and beauty of others. Each stumble is a new opportunity to love yourself, rather than judge yourself. But without the practice of love the latter becomes so much easier.

Now in March, I am lighter. More ready to take on new goals. In the darkness, in the rest, goals happened. I am happy to say that in the practice, my goals of adventure and hosting workshops are realities! This month I am honored to host two yoga workshops. Later this year I am blessed with another opportunity for international travel, to a bucket list destination. If you had asked me in November if either of these would happen, truthfully I would have given you an unsure shrug and a "sure maybe." I am pretty sure if you asked my partner in the workshop I was attending, she could attest to my answer.

So the month of March I offer you the intention, Renew. Practice for yourself, in a way that makes since for you, lightening the load so new blooms may flurish. Reinvite your resolutions back into your mindset, and offer a different approach as the spring months begin to grow.

Love and Light,

Heart's Song

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