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Heart's Song on Diving In

Over the years, I have been told several times there are two approaches to getting into a pool. Slowly, carefully, testing the waters inch by inch until fully submerged. Or by simply diving in, letting the experience flood you all at once; fully committed to allowing the experience to take hold.

In my life, I have always been a calculated decision maker. Easing myself into the water's of life, aware of all risks associated with each choice. While I appreciate the considerable amount of trouble I avoided in this thought pattern, I am beginning to realize the opportunities missed by holding back, being afraid to fall or fail. People I missed out on telling how much I loved or touched my heart for even a moment. Risks that if taken sooner or at all would have opened a different set of doors. Even as I write this, I think of the number of times I started and stopped fearing what just diving in and letting myself be seen would mean. Delayed in the strife of perfection rather than the vulnerability that comes from allowing myself to be seen unedited, unfiltered, and free.

For me in this moment, diving in is finding the courage to share with you my voice, music, and yoga practice; both on and off the mat. To share with you my heart's song through all that makes my heart alive!

The gift that yoga has given me, and that now I hope to share with you; is a safe place to test the waters of less calculated risks. A place to fall and fail, while remaining completely supported. Being celebrated for being brave enough to try; and in that discovering your own light. Hopefully, by sharing my heart, your heart will be guided to it's own song.

P.S. Check out what Diving-in looks like on the mat in the video's channel below (coming soon, sorry technical difficulties). Want a playlist to inspire your practice? Check out the heartssongyoga_13 "Dive-in" playlist on Spotify!

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